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Light Greek style sublime yoghurt

Delicious, thick and creamy tasting Müllerlight Greek Style yogurt has won a top consumer choice award less than a year after launch… And it’s not a myth!

Scooping the title of Product of the Year for 2013 in the Healthy Yogurt Category marks another milestone for the brand which has already clocked up sales on over 61 million pots[1] in just 42 weeks.

Launched in March 2012 – the biggest launch in the category in the past two years - Müllerlight Greek Style has captured a 1.9% share of the total yogurt category with a retail sales value of over £23 million[2].

Michael Inpong, Marketing Director at Müller Dairy UK commented: “The combination of indulgent flavours in a fat free treat make Müllerlight Greek Style a favourite with the nation’s consumers and this award is testament to that.

“We recently launched the fifth flavour variety in the...

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