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NHS England has today announced that the myeloma drugs Imnovid® (pomalidomide), Revlimid® (lenalidomide) and one indication of Velcade® (bortezomib) are set to remain on the list of cancer drugs approved through the National Cancer Drugs Fund.

This means that patients with myeloma, an incurable bone marrow cancer, will be able to continue to access these important drugs through the Cancer Drugs Fund. However, as well as keeping these drugs on the nationally approved list, another indication of Velcade will be removed from the list.

Whilst Velcade is approved for patients in certain settings by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), this decision means that in two months time patients who have multiply relapsed myeloma and need retreatment with Velcade might not be able to access it. However, this decision will not affect patients in this setting who are currently receiving Velcade through the Cancer Drugs Fund.


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