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• A third (36%) of under 25s say the quality of their vision has impaired or restricted daily life
• More than eight in ten Brits say that sight is the sense they would least like to lose
• Frequency of sight test in over-65s is steadily declining

New research has revealed that eyesight is the sense that Britain treasures the most, but millions are at risk of losing it unnecessarily(1). When asked which sense they would least like to lose, some 83% of Brits named sight the one most precious to them.

However, the Generation Eye Report(2) commissioned by National Eye Health Week in partnership with Specsavers has revealed that three quarters of respondents (75%) admitted they’d suffered poor eye health in the last 12 months and more than one in five (22%) say this had restricted or impaired their daily life.

And it isn’t just the older generation who are feeling the strain. Those aged 18-24 (The Unseen Generation) were the...

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