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Numinous London SMART Cabin luggage

Numinous London™ the luxury luggage brand based in the heart of the city has announced its plans to launch its new collection of innovative SMART luggage, executive backpacks and handbags for Christmas this year.

The collection boasts the latest in security and convenience features including Bio-metric (finger print) Locks removing the need for codes or keys, built in SMART device chargers allowing you to charge any or all of your SMART devices on the go and In-built scales and display for hold luggage saving you the trouble of having to take things out at the airport!

The collection also features Anti-theft features such as Anti-slash technology and Puncture resistant zips.

The collection comes after Business traveller and founder of Numinous London Jason Lowe decided he want to make his life easier and more convenient.

“My phone would run out of charge at least twice a day and running from meeting to meeting there was...

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