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Overview One Soap features

A German MD and a pharmacist have just launched an incredibly practical "hair and body wash" for men, virtually opening up a new product category, in a field, where everything possible seems to have already been invented.

First of all, it is deeply satisfying and fun to use. At the same time hassle-free, compact, extremely portable (good for hand luggage), shelf independent as well as slip and spill-resistant. There is absolutely nothing available on the market today that comes even close to it, in terms of its practicability for travel and sports.

The two young fresh-out-of-uni enterpreneurs came up with the idea, when one of them attempted going back to the roots and switching to bar soap. Some playing around and out-of-the-box thinking down the road lead to a product, which exceeded their own expectations.

They have set up office in the UK and can now be found on the crowdfunding plattform Kickstarter.

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