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Five mistakes to avoid from Thomas Rødseth at Puzzel

At first glance, customer journeys are pretty simple. You offer something and a customer buys it but delve a little deeper and customer journeys can be quite complex. Today, customers engage with your business in a multitude of ways and from many different starting points, for example, marketing, referrals, search, social media, customer service enquiries and above-the-line campaigns. To deliver the best possible service, it makes sense to map out every touch point and create a visual representation of your customers’ experience from beginning to end.

However, in our complicated mobile-first, omni-channel, social-enabled world, it’s easy to fall into a few traps and make mistakes along the way.

Beware of the following pitfalls to guarantee no customer interaction slips through the cracks:

1.Ditch the ‘inside-out’ approach – it’s so easy to deliver customer service...

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