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28 January 2009

Motor manufacturers risk serious long term damage to their brands and dealer networks.

The damage will happen if leading brands continue to fail to address the issue of leasing companies, ‘blasting’ people’s email inboxes and ‘peppering’ the internet with, potentially misleading, new car ‘fire sale’ type messages.

SME company directors across the UK are being increasingly bombarded by ‘SPAM’ emails offering 3+35 monthly rental quotes of £279 for a Mercedes C class, £429.99 for a Jaguar XF, £489.99 for a Range Rover Sport, £369.99 for an Audi A5… and the list goes on.

The emails arrive at a rate of up to 1 per day, often from previously unheard of organisations, which should be easy for manufacturers to put ‘back in their place’.
- Because, despite many offers looking attractively cheap at first glance, on closer analysis, franchised dealers should have no problem providing better value.
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