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British company PlayBase Developments Limited has created a range of modular garden equipment designed to appeal to all members of the family.

Each of the modules, all of which have different uses, fits onto a large, free-standing, gyroscopic structure called PlayBase.

PlayBase is an evolution of the classic human gyroscope as used by astronauts, fighter pilots and 1990’s science fiction films. In appearance it is three large concentric aluminium rings mounted on an elegant curved base. Position and movement of the rings is key to the multiple module functionality.

Targeted at those with a limited size garden and lots of things they want to do in it, PlayBase enables highly flexible use of the space available.

There are 16 modules in the range that cover play, sports, relaxation and exercise.

Aside from the modular concept, what makes the PlayBase so unique is the ability to fix, allow to rotate, elasticate...

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