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#DuggeeHug - Hey Duggee

On a day when the world might need a good hug, research reveals that we simply aren’t getting enough...

• Hugs release oxytocin – a chemical which can make us happy – yet a third of us receive no hugs at all

• 3.2m Brits believe hugging relieves stress and helps them relax and want 6 a day… but have to settle for 2

• Family hugs are the tops – with partners, sons/daughters and mum making the top 5 favourite huggers

• Dogs awarded title of ‘most huggable’ followed by cat, rabbits, horses and… elephants!

• The ‘Duggee Hug’ is an intrinsic element of every episode of BAFTA Award-winning preschool show, Hey Duggee

• Andy Cope, Doctor of Happiness and Hugging Expert, reveals the science behind hugging and why we need to do more

• Famous Embraces: poll also reveals… the top ten celebs we’d most like to hug, the famous five we think are most in need of a hug right now, plus the top ten...

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