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Family Sharing and Custom Printing make TrackR bravo smarter and more personal

Tuesday, July 26, London, UK – Today, TrackR announced two new features for its TrackR bravo, designed to make the device smarter and more personal. Family Sharing allows TrackR users to share items with groups of selected people that make sense for their daily life, while Custom Printing allows TrackR users to print any photo directly onto their TrackR bravo so the device fits seamlessly into their style.

With the Family Sharing option, TrackR users can share items in the context of groups that they interact with most in their daily lives – families, roommates, neighbors, etc. – enabling a “group effort” approach for quickly locating misplaced items. For example, a user could set up a “Fami-ly” group that includes their spouse and children; within that group, they could share their TrackR-ed TV...

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