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Press Release from Porter Research / Precedent Communications

FTSE-100’s web sites show significant improvement in a year when 43 were re-designed. Proof that getting the basics right is not that hard…

· Nearly 60% of companies now achieve a “good” or “very good” rating compared to only 35% last year
· All except one company has achieved a minimum score of 40%, which means for the first time we can conclude that the majority of sites are of a reasonable standard
· 3 companies retained their top 5 ranking from last year
· The highest climber has gone from 93rd position last year to 6th place this year
· Over three quarters of the companies surveyed have re-designed their web site in the last 2 years

These are the findings of the fourth annual web “Oscars”, which ranks the UK’s top 100 companies by the quality of the home pages of their corporate web sites. This fourth year of research carried out for Precedent...

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