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Jena, 10 November, 2016 - Pursuit of the digitalisation agenda is enabling B2B organisations to transform their business models, expand outside their traditional markets and enable operational innovation. These are some of the findings from a new research report, “Taking the fast track into the digital future of B2B commerce” from Intershop, published today.

In the answers of the 400 B2B organisations surveyed across Benelux, France, Germany, the Nordics, UK and US, the impressive impact of the digital transformation becomes apparent:

• Four in 10 claim that digitalisation has completely changed their business models
• Three quarters (76%) currently have their own B2B commerce site
• Just 42% currently have bricks and mortar outlets
• 46% say their sector is more global now than ever before
• 43% are selling to customers that would not buy from them before
• 44% are generating more total sales – and more sales per...

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