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Embargoed 14 December 2015

Doctors are warning that symptoms of over indulgence this festive season might be more than a sign that you’ve had too much food and fun.

Oesophageal cancer is often signalled by heartburn, a common occurrence for many during the festive period. Long-term changes to lifestyle that lead to regular Incidence of indigestion are a major contributor to people ‎developing Britain's 5th most common cancer.

The warning comes as latest evidence from a study of over 8500 people presented in the International Journal of Cancer show that far from being a disease of the elderly, cases of oesophageal cancer are rising in younger people. The cancer is strongly linked to persistent heartburn and obesity.

Tim Underwood, an Honorary Consultant Oesophagogastric Surgeon at University Hospital Southampton, said, “The latest studies show us that a much younger generation needs to be aware of oesophageal cancer. We...

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