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•Over 4 in 10 smokers smoke more than they would like to.
•Around 46% have attempted to quit with an E-cigarette but were not successful.
•New smoking cessation device, Smooff, launches in the UK after success in Denmark.

A new UK wide survey of people who smoke has given a snapshot of the current smoking landscape and reveals that over half (52%) are keen to kick the habit.

This comes during World No Tobacco Day which encourages a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe.

Despite many attempting to quit smoking in the past, according to ASH there are still around 10 million active smokers. New research conducted by Smooff, a smoking cessation programme newly launched in the UK, spoke to 2,000 people who currently smoke and found that 64% have attempted to quit smoking between 1 & 5 times, and a further 12% have tried between 6 & 12 times.

Every smoker has their...

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