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Screengrab from Virtually Tom Daley app

Olympic diving star Tom Daley starts Headcasting today, sending instant animated ‘visual Tweets’ direct to his followers through the recently launched Headcast system. Tom will be updating fans on his busy schedule, including training and the world of entertainment, all through an animated version of himself, delivered to mobile devices via the Virtually Tom Daley app.

“I’m really looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with what I’m doing via a virtual me,” said Tom. “Virtually Tom Daley is another fun way to interact with my fans.”

The Headcast platform allows celebrities and brands to create personalised, animated and interactive characters that are instantly brought to life through voice and pushed directly to smartphones. Designed to be consumed on the go, each Headcast is limited to 60 seconds to tap into consumers’ appetite for bite size updates and can be produced,...

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