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Kevin Rosenberg Jewellery launches classic “Celestino/Celestina” collection

Kevin Rosenberg Jewellery has released its newest range of Italian-crafted pieces for men and women, the “Celestino/Celestina” collection.
The jewellery is formed of ethically sourced white gold and diamonds, with the male “Celestino” range designed to subtly match and complement the female “Celestina” pieces.
The Celestina pieces include stunning necklaces, delicate rings and intricate bracelets, all inspired by historical jewellery from Milan, home to Kevin Rosenberg’s operations. Pavé diamonds sparkle in shapely 18 carat gold settings, complemented by mother of pearl detailing.

This elegant range is perfect for the discerning lady looking to impress. There are two options for completing a set; one half of the range offers firm lines and square shapes, whilst the other offers a softer...

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