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Survey shows 79% would prefer to use UK shale gas rather than Imported LNG

A survey has revealed that 79% have said they would prefer to use UK shale gas over imported Liquefied Natural gas (LNG).

The survey of 500 people by market research company Usurv on 24th October, on behalf of CNG Services, found nearly eight in ten people would use shale gas for their central heating rather than imported LNG.

Plans have recently been approved for fracking at Cuadrilla's Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton in Lancashire and 75% in the North West said they are in favour of using UK shale for heating.

Gas industry expert and Lancastrian John Baldwin, managing director of CNG Services and one of the architects of the renewable gas industry in the UK, commented: “The overwhelming preference for UK shale clearly demonstrates that the public are positive about building an onshore gas sector in the UK.”

“It doesn’t...

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