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Seventy Thirty, the leading and longest established exclusive luxury matchmaking company, celebrates a 60% increase in membership intake in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. To cater to this demand, Seventy Thirty has employed a Mandarin and Cantonese speaking Ms. Yingli Wang.

Ms. Y Wang explains the reasons behind Seventy Thirty’s demand in the region:

“Emerging in 2007, the controversial term ‘left-over’ became widespread in Chinese culture to describe a certain kind of woman…In the broadest sense, it refers to single women, roughly over 27 years of age (considered over the optimum age of marriage), highly educated, extremely successful and usually with an outstanding appearance - sounds like the ideal woman, right? The increasing number of single, professional women has become a social phenomenon in China over the last decade, as a result of rapid economic growth. However, despite these positive accolades, these women feel ostracised for their...

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