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Charity reminder for safer sex this Christmas

LONDON, 13 December 07 -- With party season in full swing, a different kind of Christmas single has been released as a reminder of the importance of planning for safer sex when drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Both drink and drugs have been linked to an increased likelihood of unsafe sex and Britons consume 41% more alcohol during the festive season than usual; the greatest increase seen in leading Western countries.1

With young people being three times as likely to have unprotected sex when they are drunk compared to when they are sober2 and gay men being at least twice as likely to report unsafe sex if they take drugs3, the single serves as a reminder of the increased risks at this time of year, in the hope that people will plan for safer sex, by carrying condoms and lube, before they party.

Lee Thomas (a.k.a. 4th Child), who has released the single called Lovers & Best Friends, will be...

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