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Cardiff & London Based rock band Zenyth say the woes at EMI will soon be overlooked by a new wave of People Power in how record labels work.

Zenyth have been involved and shortlisted by the world public for the final 10 from 300 plus UK Bands on Its a new music website but is really a record label with a difference.

If they can win the SHOWCASE or even just get a significantly large amount of votes we get £15,000 to record an album and YOU CAN EARN MONEY TO!!It goes without saying how incredible that would be for all of us and your VOTE COULD CHANGE OUR LIVES!
It only takes 2 minutes at the most and is easy to do:

1) All you need to do is go to and register as a new user. This is pretty instant and is also free.

The direct link to the...

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