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Today Wrike introduces Wrike for Marketers, a new vertical solution developed specially for marketing and creative teams to streamline the creative process. The solution is based on Wrike’s core work management platform, with added capabilities specific to helping marketers define, plan and execute standout campaigns in a real-time, multichannel digital world.

“We spent nearly 12 months working with marketing teams around the world to understand their processes and where progress gets hung up and impedes workflow,” said Andre Hill, Vice President, Strategy and Solutions at Wrike. “The take away was that marketers and creatives want to redesign their relationship with technology so that it aids in the creative process, and doesn’t add new layers of distraction.”

Wrike for Marketers is designed to support all phases of the marketing lifecycle. Jobs are requested with customisable briefs and planned with timelines and resource management. Ideas and...

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