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Best gadgets of 2008

Skimbit community helped pick Wii Fit as best gadget of 2008

Community members of social decision-making tool – – picked the Wii Fit as the best gadget of 2008. Runners up were the iPhone 3G and Google’s new internet browser, Chrome. is an innovative free tool that helps you collect ideas and make a decision, about almost anything: choosing a villa for a holiday with friends, picking a flat to rent with flatmates, or deciding on shoes with bridesmaids. It can also be used for solo decisions like researching the purchase of a TV or sofa.

As opposed to comparison sites that tell you what you should consider and how you should compare it, Skimbit is like a DIY comparison tool, where you get to decide what factors are important, and what things you want to compare. It puts you in complete...

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