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Julie & Christine Salsa Grannies!

Julie Burriss and Christine Griffiths met over 20 years ago through their love of Salsa – they couldn't get enough of Latin music and danced 'til dawn! Now in their late 50s, both have retired and were wondering what to do with their time – so what better than to put together and manage a Cuban Dance band! The two friends are known as the 'Salsa Grannies', and they want to fly the flag for all older people who want to start a business in later life. Their new band, called “Son Con Swing”, is made up of nine talented young Cuban musicians who are starting to make a name for themselves on the Latin dance scene in London and farther afield.

Julie, who spent her career in the gaming industry, says “We are old enough to be our musicians' grannies but inside of course we still feel like we are 16 and we still like to dance – just not as long or as energetically as we could in our younger days! We have always loved Cuban music and still visit Cuba every year where two...

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