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Complete High-Performing, Dual-Core and Low-Power Server Solutions
Based on Intel® XeonTM 5000/5100 Sequence (Dempsey/Woodcrest) CPUs

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, MAY 23, 2006 – Furthering its reputation for being first-to-market with new server technologies, Supermicro has introduced the industry’s first and most comprehensive line of dual-core Xeon 5000 and 5100 Sequence server solutions. These next-generation dual-core Xeon servers feature a 1333MHz FSB and use FBD (fully buffered DIMM) memory. With more than 30 new motherboards scheduled for release this month and over 30 new optimized chassis models, Supermicro is offering a record-breaking selection of high-quality, reliable dual-core Xeon 5000/5100 server solutions.

“For many applications, our new server solutions deliver double the performance, consume less power than previous Xeon servers, and require...

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