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Swiftec Group

Reconstruction after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans with building work on a school damaging locals’ property with their frustrations publicised in a television interview. Swiftec Group, who provide construction protection, react to this news.

Residents in a part of the Upper Ninth Ward neighbourhood have been left unimpressed after alleged promises to fix damages have not been kept. Back in 2012 the Recovery School District along with the project contractor agreed to fix the specific areas, but this has not been done.

One homeowner, who has lived in the neighbourhood for nearly 50 years, complained about the cracks in bricks outside his home and was also angered by cracks on his cement garage floor that arose from construction by the Lathan Company.

With the school repairs all but done some locals fear that major traffic and heavy trucks will continue to affect homes as a resident was dismayed at his home shaking...

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