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Skin Care With Ingredients That Are Good Enough To Eat

Eminence Organic Skin Care products: all hand made in Hungary from fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs are now available in the UK.

Products with names like "Sweet Red Rose Moisturizer," "Wild Plum Tonique" and "Pumpkin & Orange Masque" certainly sound fresh and exciting, but how good are they?.............

Eminence active ingredients are grown organically in Hungary, and have been chosen for their beautifying and therapeutic properties. Natural ingredients are potent and they give beautiful lasting results for a clear, balanced, revitalized and naturally glowing complexion.
The allure of fresh scents and appearance is inviting, but wait until you feel the difference that natural active ingredients like real Hungarian paprika, wild plum, and apricot make. Our active ingredients are 100% natural, organically grown in Hungary, and adhere to the strictest of quality...

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