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Domino's pizza Israel Cheezly topping

Domino’s Pizza has upgraded its vegan menu in Israel by switching to a dairy-free ‘cheese’ produced in the UK by award-winning ethical food firm VBites.

The pizza chain first introduced a vegan option to its Israeli menu in December 2013, anticipating that it would appeal to Israeli vegans who account for about five per cent of the population.

Although Domino’s vegan pizza range initially proved a great success with the company struggling to meet demand, the dairy free cheese it was using drew less than favourable reviews, so the chain started searching for a better cheese substitute.

It opted for VBites’ Cheezly after a panel of taste testers said they much preferred it over the pizza chain’s previous vegan cheese.

“We switched to VBites’ Cheezly because it’s considered one of the best dairy-free alternatives to cheese on the market today,” said Ido...

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