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Wolf of the Israeli Start Up Market

The plethora of Israeli hi tech firms and start-ups that have spread their wings internationally has surpassed all expectations over the last three years. Now widely known as ‘The Start-Up Nation’, Israel has been producing a huge array of new hi-tech businesses year on year.

A tiny country, with approximately 7.6 million people, has around 4,800 Start-Up’s and attracts far more venture capital per person than any other country in the world. It’s said to be the combination of mandatory army service, and the vast political pressures in the region, that produce a nation of born entrepreneurs, problem solvers and innovators. Many international entrepreneurs, both Jewish and other, have relocated to Israel recently in order to not miss out on the entrepreneurial buzz in the region, and to mingle and collaborate locally.

Jonny Caplan, a UK born serial entrepreneur since the age of 19, has vast experience in building revolutionary start-ups from the ground...

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