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Telemisis SiteNode 3G

JOHANNESBURG, 19th October 2016: Telemisis, an industry leading provider of remote monitoring and control solutions for industrial and telecommunications applications, today announces a strategic partnership with Jabil Inala. Jabil Inala will resell the Telemisis SiteNode 3G, as part of their updated site monitoring platform for African telecommunications site operators.

Howard Early, Managing Director, Jabil Inala, said “We’ve joined forces with Telemisis, a venture which we’re very excited about. The venture will see Jabil Inala incorporating Telemisis’ SiteNode controller, an ultra-low-power remote telemetry node into the Inala site monitoring platform.”

“The agreement with Jabil Inala re-enforces SiteNode’s reputation as the industry’s leading remote telemetry unit, with unrivalled reliability and connectivity”, said Tony Richardson, Managing Director, Telemisis, “Outside this agreement Telemisis will continue to invest in and develop SitePro, our...

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