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Perfect White Gold toothpaste, £5.49

Go For Gold For A Winning White Smile

Our athletes are excelling in the Olympics and many of them will proudly be coming home with gold medals.

Gold is representative of outstanding - which is why Beverly Hills Formula tooth whitening brand have formulated the FIRST ever gold toothpaste that contains actual gold particles to help achieve that winning white smile.

New Perfect White GOLD has combined their scientifically proven teeth whitening formula with extracts of real gold, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory action and can also increase blood flow, to produce an original and highly effective oral hygiene product.

So, why not go for gold at home with Beverly Hills Formula’s Perfect White Gold toothpaste which delivers professional tooth whitening results to help you gain a whiter smile without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach.

Dr Martin Kinsella, a qualified...

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