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As legislation on health and safety at work gathers momentum, so too does the West European market for personal protective equipment (PPE), according to a report by Frost & Sullivan in the latest issue of Technical Textile Markets, published by Textiles Intelligence.

Protective clothing and gloves -- the predominant textile-based sectors of the PPE market -- will generate almost Euro3bn a year in sales revenue by 2008, compared with less than Euro2.5 bn in 2003. In 2004 protective clothing and gloves accounted for an estimated 59.8% of the total market for PPE in Western Europe, up from 57.5% in 2000. By 2008 it is forecast that their share will reach 61.8%.

Individually, protective clothing is the largest sector of the market for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Western Europe. End users spend almost twice as much on protective clothing as they do on head protection, gloves or footwear. Sales of protective clothing are expected to grow from...

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