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Maxoptra routes Total Hygiene's crew

London, 25 May 2017 – Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat), the leading supplier of specialist wash and dry toilets for the elderly and disabled, is reaping the rewards following the implementation of a high-tech system to manage its mobile service operation. The cloud-based Maxoptra dynamic route planning and scheduling software has already helped the company increase the productivity of its service engineers by more than 30 percent, improve customer service, and make significant inroads in the journey towards a paperless office.

“Prior to the implementation of Maxoptra, service engineers would schedule their own workload and plan their own routes,” commented Michael Delaney, Service Administration Supervisor at Total Hygiene. “Despite the vast experience of our UK wide service team, this wasn’t always the most efficient way of working. Moving to Maxoptra has allowed us to take control back to the office and we are now able to provide clients with timely updates, further...

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