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BullGuard Internet Security

London, UK, 24th May: In light of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that brought large parts of the NHS to a standstill and infected computers all over the world, consumer security company BullGuard has issued a number of security tips to help keep people safe online.

Top Security Tips to Keep You Safe Online

Get Safe Online with BullGuard’s Top Tips

1. Update your software
Always apply updates to your operating system and software as soon as they become available. Many malware infections are the result of software vulnerabilities that aren’t patched.

2. Use strong passwords
People still commonly use passwords that are easy to guess such as 123456, password, 12345, qwerty and 12345678. Hackers can break these passwords in seconds using password cracking software. Ideally, a strong password should consist of nine or more characters...

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