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The Russett School

The reaction follows reports in Watford of a new charity service for young children with learning disabilities. A Russett School spokesperson provides a statement.

A new service for children with learning disabilities has been launched in Watford, with sessions open to parents who have children under the age of five. The Children Centre will provide parental support and networking opportunities once a week, as well as a crèche for children to play in.

Qualified play workers will work with the families to show them different ways to communicate and play with the children, and they’ll also run one on one sessions so that specific needs can be identified. “These families each have differing and individual needs,” claimed Children’s Centre manager Sarah Fishwick.

“We can help the child to make friends, get out and about, play and learn. Our support will help [parents] to meet other parents in the same situation and develop their parenting...

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