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Presenting their findings at Westminster this week, along with progress updates from other organisations, the world’s only Open Data anti-slavery register** highlighted ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ of compliance with the Modern Slavery Act section 54* (this section deals with transparency in supply chains).

The TISCreport team were able to provide an in-depth snapshot of the progress in this first year of operation, using their dynamic data-system to generate a full breakdown of compliance by sector***, and, in addition derive a list of known overdue organisations, which has been made available to UK Government Departments.

Overall compliance with the legislation to date

In terms of compliance with the Act the overall finding is that half (50.6%) of the 2867 organisations who are now due to have published have not done so, in spite of having had over 12 months to prepare. Only 15% (2867) of those who meet the MSA...

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