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The P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher

The new P50 fire extinguisher, which will save money, help the environment and can be used on any type of fire - and is a huge leap forward in the UK fire safety industry - is to be exclusively supplied in the UK by Tower Fire Group.

The P50 extinguisher is the latest development in the UK fire safety industry and is the only extinguisher currently on the market that doesn’t require regular servicing or maintenance by qualified professionals, therefore offering businesses up and down the country a cost saving way to protect their employees, without the risk of breaking the law by not arranging for servicing.

In addition, the P50 has a life span of twenty years, and requires no discharge testing or refills for ten years. With the P50 extinguisher, businesses and workplaces will only ever require one extinguisher – eliminating the ‘decision paralysis’ that comes with people not knowing which type of extinguisher to use for different types of fire.

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