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If you found Channel 4‘s brilliant drama BLACKOUT last night disturbing then you’ll be even more alarmed by recent Ofgem warnings that by 2015 regular power cuts will be a part of daily life throughout homes in the UK.

Manchester businessman Mark Rigby has developed a solution -- The BlackCurrent emergency power back up --  which could put an end to the groping around in the dark trying to find a torch or candle.

While the predicted power cuts wont be anything like the magnitude of that depicted in the TV drama nevertheless given an ageing population,  the number of electrical gadgets used in the home and small offices the implication of this forecast is enormous.

  The BlackCurrent works in a similar way to the emergency back up systems used by hospitals and banks where maintaining electricity is critical.   The unit can be either plugged into an ordinary electrical socket or connected to the mains where it stores electricity till it...

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