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2nd Edition of Vallstein Benchmark™

“IMF and BIS studies in 2012 also concluded a financial sector that is too big will hurt economy”

“It is a concern to see that the regulatory level playing for banks has been eroded in less than two years”

“The fundamental reengineering of banking towards simpler and more transparent products and lower risk and operating costs is yet to begin in earnest”

“Clients can apply their own Vallstein Benchmark™ to enforce discipline in financial sector”

Hoofddorp, 3. January 2013 – Vallstein, the leading provider of Bank Relationship Management (BRM) solutions, published the second edition of the Vallstein Benchmark™ to enhance Market Discipline in Financial Sector. The Vallstein Benchmark™ compares the sales size (annual gross revenues in relevant areas only) of the world´s largest banks to world GDP. The data used in the benchmark has been aggregated and analyzed on an...

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