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Medieval fruit spirits are a unique medicine of the 21st century.

Raise a toast this Chritmas and say goodbye to cold and flu.

Back in the middle ages when sugercane and beet-sugar were still unknown in Europe fruit was considered a great basis to make strong alcohol. Our Hungarian ancesters used these fruit spirirts to treat a wealth of ailments including stomach problems, cold, flu and to boost their immune systems. One shot of Palinka a day was considered a healthy boost and a great way to celebrate.

In modern times nothing has changed but the quality has got better and better.

A traditional drink of Hungary this unique spirit is made one hundred per cent from fruit. It is traditionally apple, apricot, cherry, grape, pear or plum in flavour. The Hungarian climate makes an excellent environment to raise the finest quality fruits, which is substantially the heart of every bottle of Palinka. Palinkas in Hungary are produced...

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