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The Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) online intranet benchmarking service has just published its most valuable intranets of 2012.

The top 3 intranets from the 50 organisations who participated are:
1) Aspen Technology
3) Medibank Hotwire

Unlike the NNG annual top 10 intranet report where the winners are determined by a panel of expert judges, the WIC rankings are decided by what the end users think of their intranet.

End users are required to complete an online survey answering questions such as how much the like the home page, how easy it is to find information and how often they interact with the intranet.

The results are put into a database and then compared to identify which organisations rank the highest for each question.

Other categories are also included in the article such as overall value of the intranet, effectiveness of news and the use of online forms.
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