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Entirely edible Mother's Day bouquet

Here’s a lovely idea from Japanese food specialist yutaka an entirely edible bouquet for kids to make for their mums this Mother’s Day. It’s because it’s made from sushi cones – or temaki, to give them their official Japanese name.

You can choose to fill them with whatever you fancy – avocado, wasabi, red pepper and even smoked salmon (although think twice about presenting someone with a fish-smelling bouquet). The decoration features spiralized veggies, flowers pressed from tofu, carrots or whatever you have to hand (courtesy of food cutters) and a range of lettuce leaves to provide the foliage.

For a small posy, you should make three cones or, for maximum effect, create a minimum of nine. They need to be made on the day, as the fillings make the nori seaweed cones a little flimsy if they’re left too long.

Not only is it something homemade, the sushi bouquet is...

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