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Leading with Gravitas book

EMBARGOED UNTIL: 00:01 17.3.2014

Gravitas skills are key to unlocking door to Britain’s boardrooms for women says expert

•Less than 25% of board members of FTSE 100 companies are women¹
•More than half of FTSE 100 companies have no non-white board members²

Britain’s boardrooms would change from ‘male and pale’ if more would-be leaders learnt to develop the skill of gravitas, according to author and leadership communications coach, Antoinette Dale Henderson. Speaking as her new book ‘Leading with Gravitas’ is published, she said:

“Women, younger people and people from ethnic minorities often face particular challenges in tackling misconceptions about gravitas needed for the boardroom and that needs to stop. Gravitas is not an inherent trait – but it is an essential skill for successful leaders. My aim is to turn the old-school image of gravitas on its head and demonstrate that it’s a skill that can be developed...

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