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Keep track of the UK zombie infestation!

The secret is out; the zombies are revolting – in more ways than one! – with Halloween just weeks away. In order to give the British public the best opportunity of avoiding the plague and becoming another ‘Flesh Files’ statistic, the Zombie Invasion heat map has been released to keep track of the fast-spreading zombulation.

It’s time for damage limitation. The waking dead are on the loose on Britain’s streets and all you can do is keep track of the zombie infestation from Aberdeen to Abergavenny.

With the aim of saving the country from certain disaster, the Zombie Invasion heat map has been released to monitor the spread of infection across the UK.

The heat map should give people enough to time to barricade their doors and windows, load up their shotguns and hide, or for the hunters amongst us to go out and rid the nation of this horrible virus!


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