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The Gold iPhone5S has been the hot debate lately. Some believe this new iPhone colored Gold would enrage Steve Jobs the co-founder, chairman and Ceo of Apple Inc if he were still alive while others are quite curious about who will be fond of the iPhone in gold. This article aims to talk about who will rush for this phone.

To figure all these out, the survey conducted by Money saving UK polled 1,000 UK residents on their age, address, income and their desire for the new phone.

The participants were asked 'Will you make your purchase of this Gold iPhone5S if the Apple Inc releases this new product?'

The results are listed as below:
1. Among all the 1,000 participants, 82% of them show their reluctance to purchase Gold iPhone.

2. 15.8% male participants tend to buy this phone.

3. Compared with the male group, the female group seems...

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