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e-Go prototype takes to the air

In front of a large invited audience, the e-Go prototype took to the skies of Norfolk on Thursday 30th October for its official First Flight.

In the careful hands of the company’s Chief Test Pilot, Keith Dennison, the aircraft gracefully took to the air and flew a lively display sequence.
Great fun to fly, with very low running costs, changing the shape of leisure flying!

The concept for the aircraft was just an idea in Giotto Castelli’s mind 10 years ago, the concept won a national aviation competition in 2007 and as a result of the global interest shown in the design, e-Go aeroplanes was started with Giotto leading the design effort to bring the prototype to flying status.

Giotto Castelli described his vision for the aircraft: “I believe the canard design (small front wing) can offer great manoeuvrability and efficient aerodynamics. The e-Go adds to that an impressive field of view and a very compact airframe with simple lines...

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