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People who sell goods on eBay have been turning their back on the site in the past few days after the online auction site announced changes to their fee structure and in the way members can leave feedback.

eBay has announced that, from 20th February, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative feedback about buyers. The announcement means sellers will no longer be able to check if a buyer is potentially a bad customer.

This, together with a rise in the final percentage sellers pay when they sell an item, by 67% for some items, has led to a huge upsurge in registrations at other internet auctions., has seen the number of visitors from the US and UK increase by thousands every hour since the news. In total visitor to eBid have more than doubled in the first 24 hours following the eBay announcement.

eBid director Mark Wilkinson said: "The changes to feedback have removed part of the bedrock that made eBay what...

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