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We all know that 2008 was a bad year for the property market. With no apparent end to the fall in house prices, management at noticed with surprise and interest that January 2009 subscriptions to the website increased by a massive 260% compared to December 2008. is a niche website dedicated to property renovation, and is a useful resource to both buyers and sellers. Recommended by Sarah Beeny, Channel 4, The Independent, The Times and The Daily Telegraph, the Buyer side of the site sends daily email alerts of properties needing renovation across the UK, to its subscribers. It's a time-saving website that has created a loyal band of followers since its creation in 2004.

Simon Price, Chairman, said: "for all those who have written off the UK property market as a dead man walking, this is a salutary signal that 2009 may yet surprise us all. There is still a shortage of housing in the UK; first-time buyers...

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