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For those looking for a new way to network in and around the Silicon Roundabout and digital Shoreditch area, a new beer festival called Tech City Beer Fest is being launched by the brew Co-working Spaces. The beer festival takes place on Tuesday 18th June from 6.30 - 9pm at Arch 402 in Shoreditch, London.

Interest in craft beer is increasing in the Tech City area, as new brewers, such as Beavertown Brewery, ignite a resurgence in East London based brewing. the brew Co-working Spaces has seen the opportunity to marry these burgeoning sectors (British craft beer and the digital industry in Shoreditch) with the intent to help build a robust business community in informal and relaxed environments. By providing such platforms for discussions and solutions, the brew Co-working Spaces hopes to help tackle business owners and directors’ main concerns such as the skills gap; access to finance;...

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