A Soundbite is a juicy snippet, a relevant quote, or a key message taken from the body of your press release. This is displayed in a highlighted box-out section on the online version of your press release. View an example press release with a Soundbite..

How do I add a Soundbite

You can add a Soundbite to your press release by surrounding the snippet of body text that you want to pick out with two curly brackets. Like this: .....the famous phrase in Franklin D. Roosevelt's first Inaugural in 1933 was " {{ The only thing we have to fear is - fear itself. }} "

About soundbites

In the online version of the press release on the Soundbite text will appear in quotation marks in a highlighted box-out section. In the email distribution, the curly brackets are automatically removed. We distribute press releases in plain text.

You may select one Soundbite per release with a maximum 150 characters in length. There is no extra charge for including a Soundbite in your press release.