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Cable & Wireless, the global telecommunications group, today (13 December
2000) announced the second-phase completion of its $3.5 billion global
Internet-Protocol (IP) infrastructure build programme with a further 38
international nodes now in service across the US, Europe, and Asia

Already the largest IP infrastructure based on a single, fully meshed
architecture, Cable & Wireless has said it will incorporate 84
international nodes into this infrastructure by the end of 2001. Today's
announcement brings the total number of fully operational nodes to 49.
There are now 23 nodes in the US; 24 nodes in 12 countries across Europe
and two in Asia Pacific. All nodes operate within the same autonomous
system (AS3561) assigned to Cable & Wireless' IP infrastructure, to ensure
seamless delivery around the globe - a first for the industry.

"This infrastructure gives Cable & Wireless a unique global capability,"
said Andy MacLeod, executive vice president, Global Network Operations at
Cable & Wireless. "Its seamless design - the only one in the industry -
enables us to deliver our customers' data quickly and reliably throughout
the world and provide the capability for next-generation IP services, with
guaranteed service levels."

The newest nodes to go live are:

· In Europe - the UK (London - 2 nodes, and Swindon), Spain (Madrid - 2
nodes, and Barcelona); Sweden (Stockholm); Norway (Oslo); Finland
(Helsinki); Denmark (Copenhagen); Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich); Belgium
(Brussels- 2 nodes); Netherlands (Amsterdam); Germany (Dusseldorf and
Frankfurt); Italy (Milan); France (Paris - 2 nodes).

The major European connections are at multiples of 2.4 Gbit/s (STM-16)
with additional node connections at multiples of 155 Mbit/s (STM-1).

· In the US - Anaheim; Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Cincinnati; Cleveland;
Dallas; Denver; Houston; Kansas City; Nashville; Minneapolis;
Philadelphia; Phoenix; Raleigh; Reston; Salt Lake City; Santa Clara; and
Seattle. Each node has multiple 2.4 Gbit/s (OC-48c) connections.

With the new nodes, Cable & Wireless delivers to its customers:

· Quality of service consistent with those for its US customers. For
speed, capacity and reliability, Cable & Wireless' performance is
consistently ranked among the best in the world by independent monitors
(MIQ Ratings,

· Additional capacity to keep the network congestion-free and ensure
adequate scale for ISPs and telcos.

· High speed, high quality access to sophisticated content and services.

Cable & Wireless now operates a network with a capacity 6.5 times greater
than that of the original IP network acquired from MCI.

Phase three of the global IP infrastructure build programme, to be
completed in 2001, is already underway and will bring the total number of
nodes incorporated within the AS3561 backbone to 84:

· In Europe and the US - connection to a further 30 nodes, including the
integration of Cable & Wireless' acquired European IP businesses. Network
capacity will grow to multiples of 9.6 Gbit/s (OC-192) on the pan European
and US backbone.

· In Japan - connections to an additional node in Osaka plus a further
four nodes are planned later in the year plus points-of-presence in 80
cities throughout all 47 prefectures.

In addition to carrying customers' data traffic, this infrastructure will
also carry all the Cable & Wireless voice traffic. Cable & Wireless has
embarked upon the industry's largest global Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) programme that will see the transformation of its legacy switched
network into a fully operational VoIP network over the next three years.
The programme will bring together voice, data and IP applications onto a
single network, making possible an entirely new range of fully integrated
end-to-end applications for Cable & Wireless' business customers.

Cable & Wireless' global IP infrastructure also provides the network
between its global Internet Solutions Centres in the US (Reston and Santa
Clara); UK (Swindon); Germany (Munich); and Spain (Barcelona). These major
centres featuring a portfolio of web hosting services from co-location to
fully managed dedicated hosting solutions. Cable & Wireless is also
building smaller centres designed to the same global standard but more
tuned to local market requirements.

Notes to the editor

Cable & Wireless Nodes connected to AS3561:

Phase One - May 2000


- Amsterdam, Netherlands

- Frankfurt, Germany

- London, UK

- Miami, USA

- New York, USA

- Paris, France

- San Francisco, USA

- Santa Clara (LA), USA

- Sydney, Australia

- Tokyo, Japan

- Washington, USA

Phase two - December 2000

Europe and Asia Pacific

- Amsterdam, Netherlands

- Brussels, Belgium (2 nodes)

- Barcelona, Spain

- Copenhagen, Denmark

- Dusseldorf, Germany

- Frankfurt, Germany

- Geneva, Switzerland

- Helsinki, Finland

- London, UK (2 nodes)

- Madrid, Spain (2 nodes)

- Milan, Italy

- Oslo, Norway

- Paris, France (2 nodes)

- Stockholm, Sweden

- Swindon, UK

- Zurich, Switzerland


- Anaheim

- Atlanta

- Boston

- Chicago

- Cincinnati

- Cleveland

- Dallas

- Denver

- Houston

- Kansas City

- Nashville

- Minneapolis

- Philadelphia

- Phoenix

- Raleigh

- Reston

- Salt Lake

- Seattle

About Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless is a major global telecommunications business with
revenue of over
£9 billion (US$14 billion) in the year to 31 March 2000 and customers in
70 countries. Its operations around the world offer a full range of
telecommunications services. Cable & Wireless' focus for future growth is
on IP (Internet Protocol) and data services and solutions for business
customers. It is developing advanced IP networks and value-added services
in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in support of this strategy.
With the capability of its global IP infrastructure and its strength in
key markets, Cable & Wireless holds a unique position in terms of global
coverage and services to business customers. For more information about
Cable & Wireless, go to

Cable & Wireless and the Globe Device are registered trademarks of Cable
and Wireless plc.

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